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This past year at Freedom Fast Lane LIVE Jesse Itzler was one of the people we put on stage who brought a great content from his own success story. In this Q & A episode Jesse talks about how he leveraged previous successes to build greater success instead of sitting back on a beach and enjoying what he’d accomplished. He also talks about the way he’s learning to approach parenting through understanding his children’s bents are different than his - and how he can help them learn and grow because of those differences.

Jesse also talks about how he’s found it to be true that just because something is a great idea it doesn’t mean he should do it. He thinks that way in light of his realization that he’s only got so much time on the planet. He’s aiming at making the most out of it in light of who he is and what he’s gifted to do. You can learn a ton from Jesse’s perspective and insights, so be sure you listen.

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