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One of the most doable and accessible opportunities available in the online space today is selling products via Amazon and other online marketplaces. Many people are building real, established businesses through those channels and experiencing huge success. But one of the problems with Amazon in particular is that since it is Amazon’s platform there are many ways in which a seller’s ability to follow up and interact with their customers is hampered. The information you need is held inside Amazon’s proverbial “black box” and is difficult to access. Today’s episode features Matt Davis, Ryan’s business partner, who is addressing some of those issues through his new support product for Amazon Sellers - Merch Bee. You’ll hear all the details on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

Building a successful Amazon sales partnership.

Ryan has partnered with Matt Davis on a handful of different projects over the years and the two of them have successfully built their Amazon sales business to $10 million together. Have you ever wondered how they’ve navigated the partnership waters so successfully? It’s not a common story and both guys have plenty to share on this episode by way of tips and mindsets that can help you approach a possible partnership in the wisest way possible, setting yourself up for success.

When you need to grow revenue, you might want to look at your own problems.

One of the foundational business principles aimed toward helping business people build products or services that truly benefit consumers is to focus on their pains, problems, or passions. But once you’re in business it’s easy to forget that the simple “PPP” formula applies to yourself as well. No doubt, you experience problems, pains, and passions in your business that you wish could be solved. It would not only make your business run more smoothly, it would also enable you to streamline your processes and increase your bottom line. On this episode Matt Davis shares how he came to the conclusion that he could solve some of his own business problems through creating a solution that others could use as well. You’ll get a ton of value from what he has to say.

Look to your business verticals for income opportunities.

Matt Davis says that he began considering his latest business endeavor out of necessity. He was experiencing issues in his own business operations that needed solutions, and nobody was addressing it. That’s when he took matters into his own hands and started talking with developers about the creation of software solutions to make his problems a thing of the past. Turns out that his problem was widespread among Amazon sellers and there’s a huge market for what he’s doing. What are your business verticals that could provide you opportunities to expand your business and make a tidy profit at the same time?

What if you could follow up with customers based on their buying history and habits?

Most of the follow up tools available for Amazon sellers only allow follow up on a limited scale - the same emails and email sequences to all of the people who have purchased your product. But what if you could send a different email to those who purchased through an organic channel than you do to those who used a promotion code? Would you customize your message to one in a way that wouldn’t apply to the other - and could generate greater customer loyalty or repeat sales? That’s only one of the issues Matt Davis’ new software tool - Merch Bee - is solving. You can find out more about Merch Bee and how you can get a 15% to 20% discount, on this episode.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:05] Ryan’s introduction to his business partner, Matt Davis.
  • [2:07] How Matt and Ryan met and built their company to a $10 million brand.
  • [5:05] Why Matt left the Internet Marketing world and went back to Corporate.
  • [8:22] The first chat Ryan and Matt had about building a new business together.
  • [10:18] Matt’s perspective on working with a visionary like Ryan.
  • [13:06] How Matt evaluates opportunities and stack the deck in his favor.
  • [16:35] The decisions Matt believes have enabled the company to grow quickly.
  • [20:09] A new type of business Matt is starting from necessity: a tech company.
  • [28:00] How Matt began realizing that he could build solutions to his own problems.
  • [31:40] The goal of Matt’s new company for himself and those he will serve.
  • [39:34] The kinds of tools that create the greatest change in revenue.
  • [41:34] Segmenting follow up sequences based on purchase history and habits.
  • [44:28] How you can get a discounted copy of Matt’s new Amazon software.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: When considering partnership opportunities make sure that the two individuals are NOT wired similarly. Duplicating your insights, mindsets, and efforts will create more tension than you need in order to have a healthy relationship.

FOR GREATER OPPORTUNITY: No matter the business niche you operate within there are many, many verticals that supply resources and services for people who are in your space. Look around. Are there opportunities within those verticals that you could begin to address in better ways than are currently being done? One way to explore the possibility is by looking at what your needs are from your supply chain. That could be your opportunity.

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