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In reflecting on the recent deaths of some high profile entertainers, Ryan has become mindful of the reality that what’s going on behind the scenes in any person’s life is not always what we assume is happening. In this episode, Ryan expresses his concern for you - that you learn how to handle the mental noise and wrong thinking that can cause you to live an unsatisfying life. He’s got a handful of thoughts and practical tools for you to use - so that your success doesn’t become a bane to your life, on this episode.

We assume there will be more fulfillment after a certain level of success is attained.

All of us have a certain degree of mental noise - and by “noise” we mean that all of us have lies or half-truths that bang around in our heads. Assumptions about things, people, other events push us to a place of comparison that is hardly ever helpful. It’s important to learn how to silence the mental noise, or at least how to turn down the volume so that you can live according to who you really are and what is true of you. Find out how Ryan looks at this issue by listening to this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

It’s important for high achievers to pause and catch the mental noise that’s going on.

If you are a person who is a high achiever you are in danger of being damaged by your own mental noise. Your tendency to look at the successes of others and make assumptions about their level of fulfillment can kill you - literally. As Ryan contemplates the news of some recent suicides he’s come to the conclusion that much of the problem when it comes to fulfillment is that we depend too much on resources outside of ourselves. Ryan explains it well so be sure you listen.

We tend to notice the gaps in our lives and fail to notice the progress.

One of Ryan’s mentors - Dan Sullivan - often points out that we as human beings tend to notice the things in our own lives that we believe are lacking. He calls those areas “the gaps.” Rather than minding the gaps, Dan believes we need to learn to look at the progress that characterizes our lives over time. Instead of looking at where we haven’t arrived yet, we need to look at where we have come so far. Ryan has some additional thoughts about his mentor’s insight, on this episode.

Your future has to be bigger than your past. If not, create a more compelling future.

All of us have experienced pain. All of us have scars from the journey of life. But when we allow those scars to define our future, or define us - we have a serious problem on our hands. On this episode, Ryan talks about the tendency we have as human beings to view our past as a monstrous, insurmountable thing. And he points out that if we feel that our past looms larger than our future, then we need to create a more compelling future for ourselves that will enable us to overcome our past. If that’s confusing to you, take the time to listen to this episode. You’ll find that Ryan explains it in a very simple way.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:24] Reflecting on the deaths of singers & the issue of what’s happening behind the scenes.
  • [3:20] Why success doesn’t change the way we feel about ourselves.
  • [5:43] Useful tools from Dan Sullivan.
  • [11:36] Ryan’s blog post about Chester Bennington’s death.
  • [19:38] What Ryan believes about the meaning of life.

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