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Every entrepreneur or business owner dreams of making millions, of having that break out product or service that brings in loads of cash and takes a market by storm. But most don’t realize what Mark Jenney discovered: Once you have that kind of success you still don’t have happiness. As counterintuitive as that may sound, Mark speaks powerfully about it on this episode. His responses to Ryan’s questions from this Q&A session at the 2015 Freedom Fast Lane LIVE event open the door to a challenge for all of us: Are you working to get or working to give? Your answer could make all the difference in your business and your life.

Dropping a product that brings in $80K per day. Yes, per day.

As his business efforts were becoming more and more profitable Mark Jenney was experiencing lots of inner turmoil. His product sales were skyrocketing, one product alone bringing in $80K per day, but he wasn’t feeling comfortable about the business he had built. He wasn’t feeling good about the products he was selling. A conviction was growing inside of him that told him that he was building a business to get and wasn’t contributing anything to the world. That’s when he made the decision to drop that product and pivot his business. It’s an amazing story that led to even greater success, so be sure you listen.

All the success in the world still doesn’t bring you happiness.

It’s a reasonable assumption that having greater success will translate into a greater sense of personal fulfillment and happiness. But that’s not what Mark Jenney discovered. The money and the great things that came as a result of it were fun to have, but that only lasted a short time. He wound up feeling unfulfilled in short order. The lesson he learned was life changing: When you focus on giving, everything you need comes as a result and you wind up feeling fulfilled and happy as well. Mark says if he could have learned this lesson much earlier he would have avoided many years of empty frustration and also would have had the opportunity to add more value to the world for a longer period of time. Listen to Mark’s advice. He’s got lots of great thoughts to share, on this episode.

Is the best way to contribute to the world by building a business?

In this Q&A session from Freedom Fast Lane LIVE 2015, Ryan Daniel Moran asked his good friend, Mark Jenney, if he believes that building a business is the best way to add maximum contribution to the world. Mark’s answer was wise and refreshing. He said it is for him, and for some people, but not for everyone. That’s world’s different from things you hear out in the entrepreneurial world today and a great reason to listen to this episode. Sometimes a fresh perspective like this is all you need to prompt you to your own next great step forward.

Those businesses focused on getting typically don’t last very long.

As Ryan and Mark chat about the difference between building a business to get (money) and building a business to give (value) on this episode, Ryan makes a great observation. Of all the businesses he’s seen grow to great success, the ones that were solely focused on extracting money from people are the same ones that only lasted for a handful of years. The businesses that had a bigger “why” behind what their existence are the ones that stood the test of time, the ones that continue to thrive and build upon their successes. And not coincidentally, they are also the businesses that have the biggest impact on the lives of their customers or clients in a positive way.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:05] Ryan’s introduction of Mark Jenny and this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.
  • [2:00] How you can get involved in the next Freedom Fast Lane LIVE event.
  • [2:39] The transition from working to get TO giving as much as possible.
  • [6:30] Where the diminishing returns began for Mark.
  • [7:50] If Mark could have made his pivot earlier, how would it have changed his life?
  • [9:30] Is business the best way to contribute to society?
  • [11:07] How becoming a husband has impacted Mark’s approach to what he does.
  • [13:28] The shift from being the primary force in his business to empowering others to run it.
  • [16:00] Intentionally dropping a product that sold $80K per day.
  • [18:33] The comparison of business lifespans: those getting VS those getting.
  • [20:01] Ryan’s summary and thoughts on Mark’s comments.
  • [20:40] Get into the FFL book club.
  • [21:00] How to connect to people who are doing great things.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Start out by focusing on what you are giving to the world, your customers, and society at large. When you set your mind to add something important to the world, getting what you need comes by default.

FOR PRODUCTIVITY: Work to build teams who can help you extract yourself from the processes of your business. That enables you to fuel the vision for what your business is doing.

FOR GETTING STARTED: If you feel like you’re supposed to be doing something greater with your life, take the leap. Do something to get started, to start discovering what you’re made for, why you’re here. The sooner you begin the sooner you can get to the point of that greater purpose.

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