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Kelly Fedio is not only a successful entrepreneur who’s built an Amazon business to the tune of $10 million dollars in sales annually - she’s also a Mom of 2, wife of one, and instructor inside the Freedom Fast Lane tribe. She’s got her plate full, as you can tell, but that isn’t holding her back. She’s still striving for greater success even though she admittedly doesn’t quite know what it’s going to look like. On this episode you’ll hear a very candid conversation between Ryan and Kelly as she shares where she’s at, how she got there, the challenges she’s faced along the way, and what she’s considering as she moves to even greater heights. It’s a success story from inside the Freedom Fast Lane community, on this episode.

Where Kelly’s business has gone in just over 2 years.

The only thing unusual about Kelly’s story is the level of success she’s reached in such a short amount of time. She’s followed the same path as many who have not experienced the level of success she has. Yet, her current Amazon products sell over 2000 units per day. On this episode she walks through the steps she’s taken to get there, including the way she’s utilized Amazon Pay Per Click, refined it, and made it work even better for her as time has gone on. She also discusses the other paid traffic sources she’s experimented with and tells why she thinks Amazon PPC is still be best way to go. It’s all on this episode.

What you need to understand about Amazon PPC first.

One of the most difficult things for private label sellers to understand in building their business is how to use Amazon pay per click. Kelly Fedio doesn’t feel like she’s an expert on the platform by any means but she definitely gets this one thing: You need to focus on the keywords that are actually being effective. As you pinpoint those through some general campaigns then you’re able to create pay per click campaigns that focus in on those keywords more specifically, putting your money in the places where it’s going to have the greatest impact. That alone could change everything for you. You can hear Kelly’s explanation of the process he follows on this episode.

Is it an entrepreneurial calling or something bigger?

Kelly Fedio is very open about the fact that she’s unsure where to go next. $10 in sales annually is not the end, but she’s not sure what her next steps should be. Should she sell the business? Should she begin making her own customized, from-scratch products? Is this something she should continue doing long term? Ryan’s curiosity got the better of him so he asked her about her path ahead and she honestly answers with insight into the struggles that can exist after a huge win has occurred. If you want a peek into the mind of a very real entrepreneur you’ll get it on this episode.

How do your friends respond to your entrepreneurial success?

When Ryan asks Kelly Fedio about her friendships and how they’ve endured the great success she’s seen, she shares that she hasn’t told her closest friends much about her business. Why? Because she knows that many of them aren’t called to be entrepreneurs and wouldn’t understand why she does things the way she does. It’s OK - there’s no tension about it - it’s just the way things are sometimes. Kelly shares some good approaches to maintaining friendships in the throes of success on this episode so do yourself the favor of listening.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:05] Ryan’s introduction to this episode and his guest, Kelly Fedio, FFL friend and student.
  • [2:30] Ryan’s entrepreneur incubator.
  • [3:40] Where Kelly’s business is today: the decisions she faces now.
  • [6:00] How Kelly got started less than 2 years ago.
  • [8:20] How Kelly’s journey has changed her mindset and personal beliefs.
  • [10:55] The major things Kelly focused on to get her products ranking on Amazon.
  • [12:54] The Amazon Pay Per Click strategy Kelly has followed.
  • [14:43] What most people should pay attention to in PPC campaigns.
  • [18:10] The thought process behind deciding Kelly’s next steps.
  • [21:40] Why Kelly’s chasing an entrepreneurial calling and a deeper “why” to her business.
  • [23:38] What to do after huge success: Kelly’s struggle and openness about that place.
  • [25:08] The worry that everything will go away.
  • [28:11] Kelly’s goal to retire within 10 years: How she envisions it being when she does.
  • [30:10] Balancing being a Mom and successful solopreneur.
  • [31:50] The response Kelly’s friends have had to her success (they don’t quite get it).
  • [33:15] Other major leverage points Kelly added once she was ranking her products.
  • [36:08] The refreshing process of creating her own products (like a real retailer).
  • [38:50] Who Kelly finds particularly compelling right now.
  • [40:50] Kelly’s experience in the Freedom Fast Lane tribe.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Check out the Freedom Fast Lane Community to learn how you can discover the kind of great success Kelly has found.

FOR GETTING STARTED: Go through Ryan’s free course that enables you to get moving in your entrepreneurial journey.

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