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When we are honest about what it takes to build a company from scratch, as a founder who’s building a team or a one man entrepreneur, there are certain things that are part of the journey that can’t be avoided. Fear and insecurity are part of that. It’s how you handle those things internally that will make the difference between being hindered by them or helped by them. This conversation between Ryan and his friend Kamal Ravikant is an exploration of the inner game, the work that has to be done slowly but diligently over time to ensure that you, the person at the heart of your company, is able to grow and pivot as the demands of business increase. It’s worth your time. Seriously.

How can entrepreneurs learn to deal with the fears that arise on the journey?

Every entrepreneur, if they are honest, will admit that fear plays a significant part in the journey toward success. The temptation is to feel that because you are fearful, you are not OK, you are not normal. But the reality is that it’s common to everyone who’s trying to do something great in life or business. Kamal Ravikant has experienced that fear himself, numerous times. He believes that it can’t be overcome entirely, but that each person can learn to think about it in a way that will serve them rather than hinder them. When that pivot is made, everything changes. Find out more about how Kamal has learned to use fear to his benefit, on this episode.

Why Kamal decided to write a fable instead of another non-fiction book?

You’ve heard the saying, “Leaders are readers.” That’s an apt description of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs are entirely into reading non-fiction books. The next best-selling business book is always on the reading list, always on the agenda for most successful business leaders. But Ryan has recently discovered a powerful goal for fiction reading, especially the kind of story that stretches you - that enables you to see yourself or your life in new ways that allow you to examine, change, and grow. Kamal Ravikant has written “Rebirth” as one of THOSE kinds of books. Ryan says it’s one of your MUST READ books for 2017. Find out more on this episode.

Why it’s ALL about the inner game.

Every business that grows does so because it has a foundation that can support the growth. And at the foundation of that foundation, is the business leader - the entrepreneur who has the vision, builds the infrastructure, and keeps things moving. THAT is the reason that business growth and success is as much about the founder’s personal inner game as it is about anything else. If he/she is not growing, stretching, learning, and becoming capable of supporting the business growth in new and meaningful ways, the growth will stagnate and die. This conversation with Kamal Ravikant is an enlightening look into the inner game and the dynamics that make it so pivotal in the growth of any business.

How do you navigate the overwhelm? Do the next right thing.

If you are a business owner you know the feeling of overwhelm. It’s a given. There are myriad situations day after day that make overwhelm a reality. The way to navigate it is not just to push through, it’s to push through with wisdom and discernment, refusing to let the massive weight of all that is before you smother you. You’ve got to do the next right thing. Then the next right thing. Then the next one. That’s how you move forward and get out of overwhelm. Kamal Ravikant tells his hard-learned lessons about dealing with overwhelm on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:02] Ryan’s introduction of Kamal Ravikant.
  • [3:15] Kamal’s background in tech, Silicon Valley, and venture capital.
  • [4:40] The journey entrepreneurs travel and the learning that comes from the journey.
  • [9:30] Where does the stress come from giving your all on the journey?
  • [12:24] How can someone shift from insecurity and fear to security and confidence?
  • [18:18] Unexpected advice for CEOs: Get rid of negative people fast.
  • [21:00] Kamal’s transition to writing fiction instead of nonfiction.
  • [27:20] An overview of the story: Rebirth.
  • [29:10] How should entrepreneurs think about pausing to enjoy the journey instead of delaying gratification and joy for the sake of the company?
  • [36:50] Why it’s important to do the next right thing and not get overwhelmed.
  • [38:22] Why Kamal believes “Rebirth” is a very special book that will help you.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GETTING STARTED: Learn to become “OK” with the reality that fear is part of the entrepreneurial process and will never be overcome. But you can learn to use it for your advantage.

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: When facing overwhelm, simply relax and do the next right thing. It requires patience discernment but it’s the only way forward.

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