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One of the fun things that happened at Freedom Fast Lane LIVE 2016 was the presentation and Q&A session with J.P. Sears. If you’ve ever seen one of his videos you know exactly what that means. The combination of his wry sense of humor and business insights made for an incredibly entertaining presentation and conversation to follow. This episode features J.P.’s responses to Ryan’s questions, and the conversation ranges far and wide - following his feelings for business decisions, intimacy, fulfillment, and much more.

Being committed to the purpose and passion of what he was doing is one of the main reasons J.P. endured the ups and downs of building his successful Youtube channel - and the decision to be himself through humor was the turning point that caused the growth to skyrocket. Find out how J.P. views his sudden success that wasn’t so sudden and the approach he takes to creating videos and resources that are truly shareable.

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