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If you’ve not seen one of J.P. Sears’ hilarious videos, you must have spent the last few years on another planet. J.P. has seemed to burst on the scene with his “Awaken With J.P.” video channel but behind it is a 13-year career as an emotional healing coach. Yet, something happened a few years ago that launched him to a new level of attention and success. What was it? J.P. shares on this episode that it was when he decided and then acted on the decision to be himself. You can hear what that journey was like for J.P. and what it might be like for you if you dare to start the journey, on this episode.

When JP Sears began to be more authentic his career took off.

For 13 years J.P. Sears was serving people in a very fulfilling way. He was an emotional healing coach. In that role, he saw a good deal of success and was very fulfilled personally through helping people heal and grow. But he felt he’d been doing so in spite of who he really was. His quirky sense of humor and witty personality had never been a part of his approach and it was a part of himself that he missed. When J.P. decided to create - and publish - his first comedy video everything changed for the better. Listen to his story on this episode.

What is keeping you from being your authentic self? Get past it and grow your business.

All of us grow up trying to discover who we are - who we are designed to be. It’s a natural part of the human path of development. In our most formative years, we don’t realize that is the journey we are on and we seek instead to find happiness by pleasing the important people around us - parents, siblings, teachers, etc. It’s natural, and we all do it. And it’s what keeps us from discovering and being our authentic selves. In his own insightful and funny way, J.P. Sears shares how he understands the struggle to discover our true selves and what happens when we truly learn to BE that person, on this episode.

If you’re going to be your authentic self, get ready to face the resistance.

All of us have voices of doubt that alternately whisper and scream into our thought process through the course of our lives. Those voices come from a variety of places and rise up in force any time we begin to step outside what is normal. Why? Because normal is what feels safe, even if it’s not. J.P. Sears says that is the resistance we all face in order to grow - in order to become. He shares how he has learned to fight the resistance and the outcome of doing so, on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

J.P. Sears says finding your passion requires you try a lot of things.

For many years now we’ve all heard the rallying cry of much of the entrepreneurial community - Find Your Passion! But is that the best advice? On this episode of Freedom Fast Lane, J.P. Sears tells why he sees it as poor advice though not necessarily wrong. He shares why the sentiment behind it is exactly what you should be after but how the way to go about it is never as clear and clean as you might expect. In his mind, finding your passion requires that you try a lot of different things, pivoting each time you discover what is NOT the thing you really want to do. It’s an engaging, funny, and helpful conversation you won’t want to miss.


Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:24] Ryan’s introduction of J.P. Sears, comedian and entrepreneur.
  • [4:32] J.P.’s journey from being fairly unknown to a worldwide sensation within 2 years.
  • [10:02] Why are we not more naturally our authentic selves?
  • [14:16] The resistance J.P. felt when he took his first steps of being authentic in his career.
  • [20:15] How J.P.’s videos truly went viral and the impact it had on his coaching practice.
  • [28:49] The need for personal growth and fighting the desire to “be done.”
  • [34:00] Finding your passion means you are trying a lot of things.
  • [37:56] Being willing to search without finding is what enables you to find.
  • [40:00] Trying to be like other people and why entrepreneurs are more prone to it.
  • [50:05] How a fear based mindset prevents us from true success.
  • [52:51] J.P.’s new book and why he decided to write it.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GETTING STARTED: Do the work to know yourself. You can’t hope to be true to your personal purpose if you don’t know who you are. Being authentically yourself is not your enemy.

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Become willing to search without finding. In other words, learn to search and discover for the joy of what will happen that you never even know to search for. When you are willing to walk that path, you wind up finding the best things.

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