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When we hear about lifestyle design we tend to think of yachts, fancy cars, and huge houses. Justin Brooke had all of that due to the business success he had built but wasn’t happy. Do you hear that? He wasn’t happy. He realized that he’d started his online marketing and info product business to give himself the ability to live the kind of life he wanted to live - never setting an alarm clock, spending the day with his family, traveling the world - but he was working more hours than ever and instead of having the stuff, the stuff had him. On this episode you’re going to hear Justin’s story and learn how he was able to strip away the things that were making him unhappy so that he could finally life the lifestyle he wanted in the first place.

What happened to the dream that started you on the path to your own business?

Why are you trying to build a business? Is it only about the money or is it about the freedom that the money can produce for you? Never lose sight of that. The journey to that place is filled with lots of hard work but if you’re not enjoying the journey along the way you need to pay attention to that. Your dream can easily get sucked up in the long hours and hard work and you’ll find yourself on a treadmill of performance with no clear end in sight. That’s what happened to Justin Brooke and on this episode he tells the story of how he came to see that the lifestyle he wanted to design got lost in the hurry of business - and how he got out.

The key questions that opened Justin Brooke’s eyes to how he was killing his own dream.

It was a day like any other. Justin was cleaning-up his 6 bedroom house for a bunch of guests who were coming over. He had everything he ever wanted. And he realized he was unhappy. Why was he unhappy? The answer to that question changed everything for him and started him on a journey of self discovery that resulted in finally designing the lifestyle that he wanted in the first place. You can hear Justin’s story on this episode and we promise, it’s one that will leave you thinking about HOW you’re building your business, not just whether or not you are.

What are you doing that needs to go?

On his journey to designing his perfect lifestyle Justin Brooke realized that the life he was living in an attempt to get there was exactly opposite of what he was trying to achieve. Long, long hours working, setting his alarm so he could wake to face the pressures of another day of business - and more than any of that - HE was the business. Things could not continue in a healthy way without him. That’s when he decided to travel the world and see a bit more of life. That’s when he learned to delegate and simplify his processes so that things could go on without him. That’s when he began to see that the trap he was in was one he’d made for himself - and it was time to break free. You can hear Justin’s story on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

How much will your success cost you in terms of lifestyle?

Most entrepreneurs start their business to have freedom - take a look - it’s the title of this podcast and blog (Freedom Fast Lane). That’s time freedom, which ultimately means the freedom to do with your time what you want to do with your time. But building a business and the hard work it takes, makes for demands on your time that you don’t realize at first. It creeps up on you, sucking you in deeper and deeper until you wake one day to the fact that your freedom is nowhere to be found. Learn the lesson Justin Brooke has to teach on this episode and you may be able to avoid the same trap he fell into. Your success doesn’t have to cost you the lifestyle you want.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:03] How we forget the issue of lifestyle design and Justin Brooke’s unique road to it.
  • [3:10] The things Justin has been doing over the past 6 months: moving out of excess, going on the road.
  • [4:21] How Justin realized that he had too much stuff and wanted something different.
  • [7:30] The mindset shift that came once Justin began to simplify his life.
  • [10:50] 10X means get more results, not work 10X more.
  • [12:10] The answer to getting your lifestyle fixed: Loving life and work again.
  • [15:20] What Justin discovered that only he could do each week.
  • [20:00] The things Justin gets to do because he’s simplified his life.
  • [21:27] The big revolution to Justin: He was the business.
  • [24:07] Learning that America is so easy: The change it made to Justin’s life.
  • [30:30] How to move in the direction of simplicity and greater success.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GETTING STARTED: Assess your own level of happiness. Ask the hard questions. Are you working too much to enjoy life? Are you having fun? Ask yourself what you actually want in life.

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Find ways to generate income without HAVING to invest so many hours per day.

FOR PRODUCTIVITY: Do the things that ONLY you can do. Train someone else to do everything else.

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