with Ryan Daniel Moran

I am scared sh*tless today.

I threw up seven times this morning because I am so anxious.

Seven. Times.

The negative thoughts in my head are big and loud and preventing me from getting good work done today.


Because I'm right at the edge of my comfort zone.

And the negative thoughts in my head are winning.

You see, I'm working on projects that feel "big" to me.

For example...

1. I'm buying back my old company with the intention of making it an 8-Figure business again.

2. I'm leading an NFT group that is chocked full of unbelievable rockstars.

3. is growing, and I am starting to invest in more of my students.

I'm excited about ALL of these projects, but they feel right on the edge of my comfort zone.

Each of them force me to grow and expand.

Some days, I feel completely and totally confident.

I KNOW these are going to be amazing.

But on other days (like today) it feels bigger than I can handle.

Not because they are "big projects," but because I doubt my own abilities.

As entrepreneurs we all have our ups and downs and I hope you'll see how to work navigate through these feelings from listening to this podcast.

But if we keep going through it, then we will become the person capable of leading these projects that will change the world.

...and that is the game.

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