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Every Amazon private label seller wants to find that product that is the next big thing… and they want to be the one to benefit from the buying frenzy. But it doesn’t just happen. Ever. There are intentional and carefully contrived organic sales strategies and product promotions that have to happen in order for those big things to become big. You can take the trial and error route and figure it out on your own over time (if you have the time and money to walk that road). Or, you can learn from the people who have done that work themselves. Casey Gauss of Viral Launch is one of those people. He’s Ryan’s guest on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane and shares his view of the road to product success.

What does it really take to rank your private label product for keywords on Amazon?

If you’ve ever looked into the backend of the Amazon seller dashboard you know that there are a couple of places and ways that you can attempt to optimize your listing for keywords. But you probably also know that there’s more to it than simply entering your keywords in those places. Casey Gauss says that the main thing that drives a product to rank in Amazon’s organic search is organic sales. If you think about that for a minute you’ll see that it’s almost a chicken and egg scenario. If you need organic sales to rank, then how are you going to get them if you aren’t ranking? Casey shares what he’s seen working in terms of promotions and marketing to push the organic sales of a product on Amazon.

What do top Amazon sellers do that is different than everyone else?

In any business, there are thousands of things you COULD focus on - and when it comes to private label product sales on Amazon, sometimes it feels like there are even more things to consider. Product images, item descriptions, keyword optimization, product improvement and development - you know the pain, right? In this conversation, Ryan asked Casey Gauss of Viral Launch what the top selling Amazon companies are doing that is different than everyone else. His answer was simple: They discover the 20% of things they are currently doing that are bringing 80% of their results and they do more of those things. You can get all the details on what Casey most commonly sees those things to be, on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

Do you really need to build your product brand off of Amazon?

Ryan and many others have long been insisting that it’s vital for Amazon private label sellers to put their eggs into baskets other than Amazon. Primarily that means establishing your own product website with the ability to capture customer email addresses and getting more and more of your customers to purchase their products directly from you. It’s a difficult task but offers benefits far beyond what Amazon is willing to offer sellers. While Casey Gauss, founder of Viral Launch doesn’t disagree with that approach he doesn’t feel that it’s as vital as Ryan and others have insisted. His belief is that Amazon is always going to want good quality products to sell and over time is going to make it easier and easier for successful private label sellers to be even more successful on its platform. You can hear the entire thrust of what Casey has to share, on this episode.

Basic things every Amazon seller must master to achieve success.

On this episode, Casey Gauss of Viral Launch was asked what advice he has for Amazon seller. His advice was pretty basic. Once you find a great product at a great price and establish it on the Amazon sales platform, don’t be afraid to push it aggressively. You have got to be the one to make your product move. Organic sales are up to you, nobody else. Educate yourself about how to make your product listings and messaging sing in a way that your ideal customers will respond. And invest the time and money in learning how to do effective promotions. It’s not rocket science but it does take the willingness to educate yourself, test your efforts, and tweak things until you hit your sweet spot. Find out more on this episode.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:22] Ryan’s introduction to this episode with his guest, Casey Gauss.
  • [3:22] What is working to promote sales on Amazon right now?
  • [9:05] Ranking for keywords these days on Amazon (early 2017).
  • [15:05] What are the top sellers doing different than everyone else?
  • [22:07] What Casey suggests in the way of product marketing strategies.
  • [26:20] Do you really need a brand that is bigger than Amazon sales?
  • [35:10] What Casey’s transition from one-man show to team has been like.
  • [41:29] Casey’s thoughts about where sales are headed for private label brands.
  • [48:02] Advice for sellers from Casey’s experience working with Viral Launch clients.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GETTING STARTED: Once you get a great product at a great price established, don’t be afraid to push your products aggressively. You have got to be the one to make your product move. Educate yourself about how to make your product listings and messaging sing so it will appeal to your ideal customers.

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Sellers who are more successful are putting their focus on the 20% of things that get 80% of their sales results. Discover what parts of your system actually drive sales the most and do those more.

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