with Ryan Daniel Moran

Influencers are not a magic button, and working with them can make or break your business depending on how well you enter into the relationship.


We all know there are no guarantees in business, but if you want to use influencers the right way for your business tune in today: Ryan shares 3 easy tips as well as the biggest pitfalls to avoid in building an influencer relationship that works for everyone.


Key Takeaways

[:52] Working with an influencer successfully requires that certain criteria be met the most important of which being:

● Does the product you want to amplify match the influencer’s audience.

[2:52] People are selfish. They don’t want to mentor you, give you shout outs, talk about your thing.

The first mistake to avoid?

1. Going directly for the ask.

The second?

2. Overrating a spokesperson — it’s an audience you want.

[4:07] So how do you position your brand to influencers? It’s really 2 simple things:

1. Show the value it brings to their community

2. Does talking about it make the influencer look good?

If your product doesn’t do that, you can still pay to get the influencer, but there will be diminishing returns...

[6:06] And the last but most important part of building that relationship is to find the give:

1. Go for the simplest yes possible (can I send you a sample? Can I share your stuff?)


1. Bring value

2. Make them look good

3. Give

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