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Want to safely keep money liquid, accessible whenever an investment opportunity arises, while earning tax-free interest with no risk of losing the money?

In this episode of Freedom Fast Lane, Sam Prentice of Wealthpoint shares the mindblowing financial possibilities of using his capital warehouse strategy. This allows entrepreneurs to ‘participate in the upside without having risk in the downside’.

By using a life insurance policy which pays a rate of return based on market performance, you keep money in your pocket.

Sam shares how strategy allowed one of his clients to create an additional $8 million to his balance sheet, and how simple it is for you to do it too.

Instead of having money sitting in a bank, move it to your capital warehouse. Earn tax-free interest on it, and wait for the right opportunity in the market cycle or in your business to deploy that capital.

Key takeaways:

  • How long-term debt can create huge ROI
  • Keeping money liquid to avoid investment opportunity costs
  • Turning an $800k loan into $8m of cash flow

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