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Ryan Daniel Moran has been called an Amazon Expert and is well-known for his ability to maximize profits by creating raving fans, not just customers. Ryan believes that entrepreneurs and business owners are best positions to go out and make the change they want to see. He believes that entrepreneurs can execute faster and more effectively than many major brands. In this episode, Ryan shares his “12 Months to 1 Million” strategy, the two functions every business should have, and great customer management techniques.

How To Create Raving Fans

Ryan clarifies that just selling a product should not be the end goal for businesses who want to create a strong brand loyalty, or what he calls “raving fans.” His emphasis is that business owners have to shift their mindset from managing products to managing customers. If done correctly, he says, internet entrepreneurs can build a business with repeat customers, as well as rank new products much faster.

The Two Functions of a Business

The function of a business is not to sell products, says Ryan. According to Peter Drucker, getting customers and keeping customers are the two things businesses need to focus on. Listen to this episode to hear how Ryan offers tested strategies that accomplish those two goals. In this episode, He talks about the importance of creating a backend process by which to capture customer information, and how external links back to your Amazon products can increase your ranking in a very short amount of time. He also gives several suggestions on how to better engage customers.

How “Punting” your payday may be the most valuable thing you can do

In this episode, Ryan talks about the instinct to see product sales as the win, and how the desire to “cash a paycheck” may be hurting some internet entrepreneurs. He offers instead the idea of “Punting your paycheck” to help your business grow. This means shifting profits and focus on what happens to the customer after they have received your product. From Buyer’s clubs, Opt-ins, private Facebook groups and Amazon channels that target your specific audience, Ryan’s insight in this area is a must for anyone selling online.

Creating a Launch-Like Experience

In this episode, Ryan explains that rankings and product placements online can dramatically shift for the better if a few simple actions are followed. From generating hundreds of product reviews in a short amount of time to increasing sales, Ryan says creating a launch-like experience allows new or seemingly unknown products to surge ahead of the competition, even when those products are offered by big brands. In this episode, he walks through the process in just a few easy steps, so be sure you listen.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [2:00] Ryan Talks About the power of Entrepreneurship
  • [4:30] Ryan Talks about Why He Became an Entrepreneur
  • [5:20] Ryan Gives Insight on “Early” Marketing models, such as channels and tradition launches and their relevance today.
  • [8:00] Ryan talks about how to create raving fans that are loyal to your brand
  • [11:45] Ryan introduces his “12 Months to 1 Million” Strategy
  • [13:10] The importance of knowing who your audience is and what products can best serve their needs
  • [17:00] Ryan talks about how Amazon is revolutionizing how traditional retail products are being sold, plus a product trend that business owners should be aware of
  • [18:30] Ryan talks about Peter Drucker’s two functions of business - getting customers & keeping customers
  • [19:30: Ryan talks about how to manage customers well, not just products
  • [20:30] How traffic sources can improve your Amazon ranking
  • [24:30] The importance of a backend process and how this adds value to your business
  • [26:30] Strategies to create customer engagement
  • [28:00] How “punting” your payday may help you in the long run (Direct Response)
  • [33:30] Leveraging channels to get more content in front of people
  • [36:00] Creating a launch-like experience in 4 parts
  • [37:30] 4 ways to successfully promote your products
  • [46:00] Recapping the process & conclusion

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