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We all want to make more money. But what would it be like if you could learn how to make more money in less time? That’s something worth looking into, right? Ryan’s got a sort of a mini-rant for you on this episode about how he learned to make more money in less time - and it means being intentional about creating space in your life when you are “off” from your business pursuits. It sounds a bit counterintuitive but you should at least listen, he's got a point. It’s on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.Take time to recharge your batteries so you actually CAN make more money.

Many people feel that they can’t afford to take time off, especially once they are full-thrust into their entrepreneurial endeavors. But Ryan has noticed that those who are successful at building something big are also careful to take time off, totally away from the business. In his way of thinking it’s about giving yourself the space to rest and clear your mind so that you can be a better asset for the business when you return. Ryan says that’s how to make more money in less time. Be sure you listen.

Is it important to find what you’re passionate about before you start a business?

On this episode, Ryan answers a question from a listener about the role passion plays in starting a business. She’s concerned that if she’s not passionate about the thing her business does, she might wind up burning out or hating her business in the end. Ryan has a bit of a contrarian view on this issue, but it’s one you could learn a lot from - simply because it dispels some of the ridiculous dogma that’s going around these days about following your passion. Find out why you should NOT wait to discover your passion, on this episode.

What should you do if you have $10K in the bank? Start a business? Invest? Something else?

$10,000 is a good chunk of change to have available. If you found yourself in that place, what would you do? What’s the BEST thing to do? Ryan says there are many options and they all depend on your situation. On this episode of Freedom Fast Lane, in response to a listener question, Ryan addresses many of the possible scenarios and gives his best advice for what to do with $10K in the bank.

Don’t waste your time trying to get somewhere else. Enjoy the journey.

The end of this episode highlights a confession of sorts from Ryan. He tells the story of how his early days as an entrepreneur were filled with a kind of angst about reaching a certain pinnacle of success he’d created in his mind. All his focus, energy, and effort were there - while life was passing him by. He’s learned a few things from the experience - one of the biggest lessons being that you need to enjoy the journey as much as you anticipate arriving at your goal. Find out how Ryan is enjoying life these days and how he got to that place, on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [1:22] Why Ryan became an entrepreneur: to take more time off.
  • [3:00] Dialing it back and working less recharges the batteries and gets more done.
  • [5:45] Is it important to be passionate about something before starting a business?
  • [10:24] $10K in the bank - what should you do with it?
  • [14:06] Case Study: Force Sigmatic powdered drinks
  • [20:30] The time Ryan has wasted trying to get somewhere.

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