with Ryan Daniel Moran

This episode of Freedom Fast Lane was recorded live at The Amazing Seller. Ryan talks about being an entrepreneur and going all in to build something bigger than himself.

When Ryan was growing up, it never occurred to him that he should wait for someone else to decide when his life should change.

After reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad, he committed himself to doing whatever it would take to be financially free. When he read that 10% of people make 90% of the wealth, he simply decided he would get to be in that 10%.

It is easier now than it has ever been to build a seven or eight figure business. The days of selling on Amazon by finding a product and throwing it online are over, and you have to think bigger than that.

Start by building your brand. Create a controlled area for your audience so you can sell to them. Be willing to suck until you don’t suck anymore.

Listen to Ryan’s presentation from The Amazing Seller for the simple roadmap to building an eight-figure business. Getting to one million is a simple formula. Getting from one million to ten million is easy if you do it right.

While you’re here, don’t forget to grab your ticket for the Capitalism Conference in Austin Texas this December 7th-9th.

If you’re a physical product seller, an Amazon seller, an entrepreneur with a big vision, if you’re building something with seven-figure potential, this event is for you. Some of the best advisors and keynote speakers will be there to support you.

Get your ticket here before they sell out.

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