with Ryan Daniel Moran

Today’s episode is a one on one that occurred during CapCon between Ryan Moran and Matthew, an attendee with whom Ryan has been exchanging online with about business, life and religion.


Tune in for an honest chat about the necessity for honesty in everything and deciding how you want to show up for your vision.


Key Takeaways

[:20] C-Money introduces today’s episode, a backstage conversation at CapCon between Ryan and Matthew.


[1:05] Matthew opens up about the year of transitions he’s facing personally and professionally as well his plans for a new product and brand.

[2:34] Ryan’s 6 month course helped Matthew and his business partner ideate a brand for which they are currently doing Facebook ad testing — the platform offers a cool feature in that they provide you with the names and addresses of your customers so you can build lookalike audiences.

[4:39] Ryan’s advice on building an audience or a tribe. You can realistically and successfully be one of 2 things:


Be a BRAND, be absolutely brutally honest with yourself, and with the people who follow you — Ryan talks about his super fans.


Be an AUTHORITY, be the lighthouse, be the mentor — Ryan shares how this is less suited for him, and how his own mentors shine.


[8:59] Matthew opens up on his insecurities about putting himself and his content out there.

[9:54] Before having a crystal clear vision you need a crystal clear understanding of yourself: who and how do you want to be when it all happens?

[11:57] If you know what you want your tribe to look like, start communicating with those people.

[12:47] Matthew asks if there is anything Ryan would have done differently with his online presence and brand?


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