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 If you want to build assets like the wealthy do, you need to understand how they do it. One of the primary vehicles used is real estate, but there are many others. Jonathan Twombly is Ryan’s guest on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane and he shares some of the things he’s learned hosting the Capital Gains podcast. There are very successful people investing in everything from website flipping, to Bitcoin, to the cannabis industry. You’ll enjoy hearing the creative ways that people are building assets and building wealth as a result, on this episode.

What is a real estate syndication and why is it useful?

Those who have money to invest but don’t have either the inclination or the time to find and research real estate deals in which to invest their money often go to a company like Two Bridges Asset Management, the company today’s guest, Jonathan Twombly runs. Jonathan’s company specializes in finding and organizing specific types of apartment building investments and inviting investors into the deal. They typically see 6 to 7 percent returns for their investors and are very particular about the kind of deals they will try to arrange. You can hear how Jonathan structures these syndications, on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

Making money by creating value.

The company Jonathan Twombly runs, Two Bridges Asset Management specializes in real estate syndication deals. It’s a way to structure a real estate purchase that enables many people to invest through assets such as apartment buildings. But Jonathan’s company typically doesn’t have its own money in these deals. Instead, his team works to make the deal happen, keep it rolling, and realize the returns investors are hoping for. He says that he’s creating value for everyone in the deal, which in turn makes him a profit. The lesson? If you are able to bring together people and create opportunities for them to make money, you may be able to make your money in the process.

He normally builds assets, but right now he’s waiting.

During this conversation, Ryan asked Jonathan Twombly what he and his company are investing in right now. He said they aren’t investing at all. In Jonathan’s mind, the skyrocketing market can’t continue forever and he believes that getting himself into a position to take advantage of an eventual market downturn is the best thing he can do right now instead of getting into a deal at the height of the cycle. On this episode, you can hear Jonathan explain why he’s taking a break from investing presently and what he’s doing to be prepared for the time when he will invest again, so be sure you listen.

Real estate is usually the first thought when building assets. But it’s not the only game in town.

As host of the Capital Gains podcast, Jonathan Twombly has had some pretty interesting conversations with people who build assets in a variety of ways. He’s spoken with people who invest in precious metals, others who purchase, improve, and flip websites, some who are investing heavily in cryptocurrencies, and still others who are building companies to support the burgeoning cannabis industry. If you want some ideas about how you can build assets that don’t have to do with real estate, Jonathan has some insights for you on this episode.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:24] Ryan’s invitation to follow what’s going on at
  • [1:10] Intro to this conversation with Jonathan Twombly.
  • [4:40] Jonathan’s 60-second intro to his company and himself.
  • [5:41] An example of what a real estate syndication might look like.
  • [9:25] Why it takes value to make money.
  • [11:08] Why Jonathan and Ryan don’t like Marco Rubio.
  • [13:26] Does Jonathan see political policies impacting his investment decisions?
  • [15:25] Some of the most interesting ways Jonathan has heard of people making cash.
  • [18:10] How do the rich invest their money most often?
  • [24:11] Jonathan’s thoughts about Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.
  • [27:26] What is Jonathan buying right now?
  • [30:35] The next business downturn and what to do now to prepare.
  • [32:19] Jonathan’s advice to those looking to invest their profits.
  • [35:56] What Jonathan is aiming to do with the Capital Gains podcast.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GETTING STARTED: Be patient. The time is coming when the rapidly rising markets are going to come down. Those who are ready to invest when that happens will be the ones who are in the best position.

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Keep in mind that it takes value to make money. If you are able to bring together people and create opportunities for them to make money, you may be able to make your money in the process.

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