with Ryan Daniel Moran

Tara Bosch started Smart Sweets at the age of 21 and grew the company to over 9 figures/year in sales in just four years. At 25, she sold a majority stake in the company for $360M. This year, she came to Cap Con 7 (The Capitalism Conference) to share with our audience exactly how she did it. 


She followed the playbook that I outline in my book 12 Months To $1M and scaled far beyond the million dollar mark to multi 9 figures.


In this fireside, we talk through the biggest steps to scaling to a 9 figure valuation.


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(0:00) - Introduction


(0:59) - The First Step To 9 Figures: Belief


(5:40) - The First 500 Fans


(9:50) - Raising Money To Get To 9 Figures


(17:00) - Building The Vision In Your Head


(20:40) - Getting Mentorship


(25:00 )- What's Next?


(28:00) - Advice For 7 Figure Entrepreneurs


(31:00) - How We Can Help You