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Ryan’s been working to assess and increase his real estate holdings for some time as an additional way to build his wealth portfolio. But even after investing a significant amount of money to have Grant Cardone come to one of his events to speak about real estate strategies he didn’t have the information he needed. That’s when Ryan reached out to J Massey, host of the popular podcast “Cash Flow Diary” and super generous real estate investor. Ryan says this episode is the most “value per minute” podcast interview he’s ever done and just a quick listen will tell you exactly why he says that.

You could use your own cash to buy properties, but why would you?

The minute J Massey hears Ryan describe how he’s used his own cash to purchase properties he’s got a powerful question to ask in response, “Why would you do that?” J goes on to explain to Ryan the powerful way you can use other people’s money (private investors) to purchase and leverage debt to expand a real estate portfolio quickly and profitably. J gave Ryan (and you) a ton to think about on this episode that can change your wealth building strategy for the better, so be sure you take the time to listen.

Why multi-family properties are the main thing J Massey focuses on these days.

J Massey has been investing in real estate for a long time and one of the lessons he’s discovered is that multi-family properties offer many more advantages than single family residences. Why? Because you’re able to have a larger occupancy rate from which to build your profit base on that property - and it is established through a one-time purchase and renovation (if needed). J also has a formula (which he shares on this episode) that enables him to evaluate whether or not he can break even with as much as a 50% vacancy rate on that property. That keeps him to know if he’ll be able to stay in the black all the time, even before he decides to pull the trigger on a purchase.

When J Massey goes into a good market, here’s how he finds good deals.

Many people research a possible real estate investing market by looking through the MLS or other retail-type websites. But J Massey goes about it very differently. In his mind the deals you find on the MLS are deals that real estate investors like himself have already said “No” to. He wants to find the deals that don’t make it to the MLS simply because they are such a good deal to make money on. How does he do it? One of the ways is to make contact with property managers in the market and ask them a specific set of questions that enable him to find the right people to work with to find and purchase the deals he’s looking for. What are those questions? You’ll have to listen to find out!

Multi-family real estate investors are really job chasers.

If you just take a bit of time to think about what goes into a successful multi-family real estate investment you’ll realize (as J Massey has) that the community the property is in has to have sufficient jobs to enable people to live there. That means that one of the first things J is looking at when considering a multi-family property purchase is the job market. Are the jobs there? Are they stable? Is there a reasonable chance that the jobs will be outsourced or sent overseas? They may sound like complex questions to answer but they are vital questions that enable you to know if you’re looking at the possibility of long term profitability or not. You’ll get tons more value from this conversation just like that insight, so be sure you listen.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:04] Ryan’s introduction to this episode and his guest, J. Massey.
  • [5:03] How Ryan has been doing his real estate investments and why he realizes he’s in the slow lane.
  • [6:31] How J assesses Ryan’s situation.
  • [8:30] How raising capital trumps using your own cash.
  • [12:37] How to use debt to leverage the growth of your real estate portfolio.
  • [14:09] Why to use private lending instead of using a bank (since rates are so low).
  • [18:29] How J. structures his deals most of the time (4 different types).
  • [19:37] What J. Massey is looking for in terms of good deals.
  • [24:03] Where to find the good real estate deals.
  • [30:15] How J gets around the gatekeepers to find people with the deals.
  • [32:58] One of J’s secret and fastest ways to find the good deals.
  • [34:22] How J Massey weeds out the deals that look good but aren’t.
  • [37:47] Assessing the neighborhood to know what people you are serving.
  • [40:26] How J assesses property repair and rehab needs.
  • [44:02] The next logical step for Ryan to build his real estate empire.
  • [46:22] How J determines the markets he’s going to be investing in.
  • [49:34] How you can get J’s top 11 ideas to make money in multi-family real estate.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Learn how to use other people’s money to build a massive real estate portfolio quickly. J Massey can help you with that, so be sure you grab his free gift.

FOR GETTING STARTED: Think through the people you know who have money sitting in an IRA or retirement account who might be willing to get a better return on their money. Do your homework to find some good investments (J shows you how on this episode) then approach them with the idea.


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