with Ryan Daniel Moran

In this update with Sam Prentice from The Capitalism Fund, we hear how the brand investments have been going and what kind of entrepreneurs Ryan is investing in.


There have already been some amazing results, but to hit the goal of creating $100M in value the fund will have to keep investing in brand builders who have potential to scale.


It's been 3 years since the fund was created and there have been many lessons learned about what is working and what went wrong with the brands that haven't worked out. In this podcast you'll learn the strategies that make eCommerce companies 10x, the pitfalls you can avoid, and how to gear your brand to attract potential investors.


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(0:00) - Intro - The next few years may be tough


(1:35) - How Rob Dyrdek Builds His Wealth Investing In Brands


(6:20) - The 3 Things Sam & Ryan Look For Before Investing


(11:30) - The Brand Exciting Ryan The Most Right Now


(19:45) - How Brand "Roll Ups" Work


(29:45) - How The Fund Found Its Investing Thesis


(38:30) - Why Brands Have Modest Growth But Don't 4X or 10X


(43:00) - How The eCommerce Space Is Changing

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