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Among the people who have been part of the Freedom Fast Lane Tribe and Boardroom, there are none who have excelled like the guys on this episode. Kevin and Jeremy have created a company that is coming into its own in the nutritional supplement space and are on their way to $50M in annual sales. The Nested Naturals story is an amazing example of what can happen when you decide to grow things beyond a cash-flow business in order to make a larger, more fulfilling impact in the world. You can hear their story on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

The destination determines what you do to get there, with any company.

One of the things that has enabled Kevin and Jeremy to lead the Nested Naturals team through an amazing amount of change in the last 12 months is a change in mindset they experienced. Both of them have enjoyed the travel lifestyle that many entrepreneurs get to experience by establishing a successful cash flow business, but neither of them was satisfied with that. They felt a need to make a larger impact and decided it was time to begin making decisions that corresponded to the impact they wanted to make. Find out how their $50M decisions change the way they do business, on this episode.

The power of team culture can’t be underestimated when scaling a business.

In this conversation, Ryan asked Kevin and Jeremy about the most significant changes they made to grow their business far beyond the $5M mark and both of them said the team they’ve been able to assemble is key to their success. But Ryan dug deeper, asking what they’ve done to be so successful at hiring - and both of them pointed to their intentionality when it comes to creating a positive, fun, creative team culture. You can hear how they went about it and the results they've experienced in this conversation, so be sure you listen.

Building a true brand is always a slow and steady process.

There was a day when private label sales on Amazon was first showing promise that entrepreneurs were able to build a successful company pretty quickly, but now that the competition and marketplace have become saturated, it’s the little, consistent things that add up to big gains. Kevin and Jeremy from Nested Naturals say that their growth as a company is coming through a deliberate, methodically determined plan they follow. They are chipping away at the mountain day by day and see their goal of being a $50M company looming on the horizon. You’ll be inspired by the type of consistency these guys have applied, so be sure you listen to find out how they do it.

Many vital aspects of a brand are difficult to build selling only on Amazon.

Amazon is a great way to get your product or company rolling. The buying audience that is the primary benefit of the platform can’t be beat. But once you’re there you find that some of the more important aspects of actually becoming a trusted brand are difficult to achieve, simply because you don’t have direct access to your customers. That’s why Kevin and Jeremy, founders of Nested Naturals have been using social media to provide valuable educational content to their audience. They’re seeing tens of thousands of people watch their videos and many join their mailing list, and the trust for who they are what their company is about is skyrocketing as a result.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:24] Ryan’s introduction of Jeremy and Kevin - previous guests to share their success story.
  • [5:36] The journey from $5M: solidifying the brand, clarifying the “why,” office space.
  • [8:01] Why the NN team decided to scale rather than settle into their success.
  • [11:15] What did these guys do differently from those who don’t succeed?
  • [15:40] Aggressive product launches and team members that have paid off big time.
  • [19:20] What changed in Jeremy and Kevin to enable this type of growth?
  • [21:08] The adjustment required to handle added amounts of stress that come with growth.
  • [25:43] How did the rebranding process impact the company as a whole?
  • [28:15] Results from the social media efforts to stand out as a brand.
  • [32:18] Any specific things that had a larger than expected ROI?
  • [37:14] Why building a true brand is always a slow and steady process.
  • [40:46] Consumer trust is difficult to build solely on Amazon.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: If you want to scale your business in astronomical ways you need to start thinking and acting like that is where you are headed. You think differently about your decisions today if you know that where you’re headed is a much bigger place.

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