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It’s one thing to grow a business. It’s another thing to grow an ultra-successful business. But it’s even more exciting and inspiring when someone builds an ultra-successful business so that he can self-fund another venture that will change the world. That’s exactly what Mike Dillard is doing. He’s got a vision to create an amazing product that will change the way the average person receives their nutrition in a healthier, pesticide-free way. You won’t want to miss the huge vision and incredible passion Mike shares on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

Why you need to be totally transparent with your audience.

When Mike Dillard was working alongside the team at The Elevation Group he had the opportunity to connect his following with an investment guru from Australia who turned out to be a crook. Many people lost a good deal of money and Mike took the responsibility fully on his own shoulders. Part of taking responsibility meant that he had to be honest with his following, which he did through posting everything online for everyone to see. He discovered that the level of honesty that act required enabled him to build trust with his audience like nothing else - and that it is that kind of trust that fuels incredible business success. You can hear the story and how Mike and his team recovered from such a serious misstep, on this episode.

Does your distribution strategy resonate with who you are?

When Ryan asked Mike Dillard how he’s been so effective at getting his content and offers in front of the people it’s designed for, Mike started his answer by saying all the things he didn’t do - and why. Mike has discovered that the most effective marketing approaches are the ones that jive with the way you as an entrepreneur are wired. That’s one of the reasons Mike spends very little time on social media and instead leverages his own strengths to market his message more effectively. You can get the entire story on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane so be sure you listen.

Making money is only the first step on your journey.

Mike Dillard truly believes that anyone who is running their own business is doing an incredible thing for themselves, their family, and the world. But he also believes that it can’t be allowed to stop there. Every successful entrepreneur has the ability to establish businesses that provide the recurring revenue that can launch something even bigger. On this episode of Freedom Fast Lane, you are going to hear a vision so huge that you won’t believe it possible, but Mike Dillard is the kind of guy who can deliver it… and WILL deliver it.

Meet Mike Dillard and his entire board of advisors at Freedom Fast Lane LIVE 2016.

Last year’s FFL LIVE event was an amazing time of learning, growth, and connections that have fueled tons of movement and progress for everyone who attended. And believe it or not, this year’s event is going to be even bigger and more impacting. One of the powerful things the FFL team is bringing to the event is a live strategy session featuring Mike Dillard and his incredible team of high-level advisors. Together they will blow your mind by bringing you an incredible experience that will help you achieve clarity, insight, and direction in your businss pursuits. You won’t want to miss this event so find out how you can get in on it by listening to this episode.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:06] Ryan’s introduction of Mike Dillard, one of the speakers at FFL 2016.
  • [2:57] How Mike got started as an entrepreneur and moved on from there.
  • [6:00] The reason Mike moved toward investing instead of simply making money.
  • [10:05] Why making money is only step one to your journey.
  • [17:36] The strategies Mike has used to build and maintain an audience.
  • [23:26] Mike’s distribution strategy for his content and offerings.
  • [31:51] Advice Mike received from some high level folks he knows.
  • [35:00] Why Mike created his successful business to fund a world-changing product.
  • [50:51] What is the Self Made Man podcast and what is Mike doing it for?
  • [54:47] Why you need to meet Mike and his board of advisors at FFL 2016.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Be totally transparent with your audience in the ups and the downs. That enables your following to growth their trust for you as you share even the embarrassing mistakes and missteps. It’s such a rare thing that people gravitate toward it.

FOR GETTING STARTED: Take responsibility for yourself and the state you are in both in life and financially. When you make that decision you’ll see that only you can change your future.

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