with Ryan Daniel Moran

Ryan Danger Moran welcomes you to The One Percent! Today’s episode is very special, and features the much anticipated interview with none other than Gary Vaynerchuk — the other half, along with Brian Lee, of who Ryan wants to be when he grows up.

Don’t miss this one for some rare insight into Gary’s bubbling strategic mind, how he only ever plans for the long game, a surprisingly sharp lightning round, and the way this conversation has updated Ryan’s mindset about ho to best approach the next decade.


Key takeaways

[:39] Despite still reeling from the depth of the experience interviewing Gary Vee, Ryan introduces today’s episode and shares a bit about how this discussion altered the way he will plan for the future.

[7:30] Gary often says “You have to learn to love your losses” and being a staunch Indians fan offered Ryan a singular opportunity to finally understand what that means. This leads Gary and Ryan to nerd out on sports.

[11:30] What is this incredible Rosé? Ethical Wine, Gary’s 40$ wine for 20$.

[12:58] Ryan shares a vulnerable moment in his life when he began to question weather the actions he was taking were truly reflective of the man he wanted to be and if those goals even still made sense.

[14:58] Gary gives insight into his own moments of doubt, highlights that these mind shifts are required for growth and a vision for the future — and he thinks Ryan is cooler than him.

[17:08] Adversity is foundational to success and Gary was raised in a way that fostered huge amounts of self-esteem and zero entitlement. His mother never fostered delusion, an enormous pitfall parents seem to fall into nowadays — which scares him : he explains how delusion creates entitlement.

[20:02] Hustle porn and overworking yourself is absolutely delusional and contrary to what some people seem to think, Gary is not about that… He’s about finding happiness, being self-aware and dominating life.

[21:00] Successful people are special in a very straightforward way: they obsess over the work but it’s because they love it and are happy doing it. If you work at something you don’t love, somebody else will love it, they will work harder and have an advantage.

[22:00] Ryan tries his hand at explaining Gary’s strategy: his audience and the free content he puts out give him connections, leverage and exposure.

[23:49] Gary interjects with a very important nuance: hustlers are killing him in the short term, but in the long term the play is always building Vaynermedia to sell the brands he has and will have in the future. Give to your audience without expecting any returns — be grateful if there are any at all — and ask people you have no idea who you are to buy your product. The person who can build a framework that doesn’t look to monetize their audience, wins.

[27:14] Braingasm: You want to be happy? Give without expectation. You want to be unhappy? Think you’re getting something for your actions. You want to be really unhappy? Do shit for the sake of something else happening. Which is what everybody does.

[27:43] Ryan has a humbling moment as he realises that he believed there may be something off about his own strategy when in fact he had been hanging on to expectations — when he so often gets recognised by people in the streets who say his content has helped them build 7 or 8 figure businesses.

[30:00] Braigasm: Gary Vee may or may not be an influencer on his brands, it doesn’t matter at all… Do Vaynermedia clients signing million dollar cheques give a shit how many followers he has on instagram?

[32:47] Ryan touches on something that really struck him in one of his previous interactions with Gary, his lack of ego. Gary explains that even though he may seem like he IS ego, his actions in the last 20 years attest to the fact that he is predicated on humility.

[37:30] Gary often says he is doing for everybody what his mother did for him  — but today, on this interview, he has a realisation and for the first time ever, voices the way his father shaped him and that influence is helping him shape the world.

[41:29] 10 years ago Ryan decided to follow Gary. Today, he feels ready, whispers away from where Gary was 10 years ago. So he asks Gary to poke some holes in his strategy.

[43:00] If you keep giving to entrepreneurs in a way that addresses their short term wants and needs and helps them achieve 7-8 figures, you will give yourself disproportionate leverage to own a significant percentage of their business. And don’t make your audience the source of your livelihood.

[44:40] Because time is short, Ryan invites Gary into a lightning round of trend predictions:

  1. 1. 2020 election: Gary thinks Donald Trump is likely to be elected but Joe Biden could beat him, and America could be looking at a 4 party system in 50 to 100 years. We didn’t pay the piper in 2008 and the gift keeps on giving.
  2. 2. Marriage: Gary believes the shadows of our society, infidelity, prostitution, strip clubs have been massively important to the maintenance of marriage and he is curious to see what will happen.
  3. [51:20] How will Ryan change as a result of this, and Brian Lee’s meetings, the two people who represent what Ryan aims to be.
  1. 1. People who get really big and really respected are ones who do great things. Both Brian and Gary are good business owners and operators, and Ryan has missed running businesses...
  2. 2. The long game is the only game, and in order to grow, things have to be built outside of yourself or else you are always the bottleneck.
  3. Ryan thanks listeners and invites them to send him their comments on Twitter @Ryanmoran and Instagram @RyanDanielMoran.