with Ryan Daniel Moran

Ryan read Garrain Jones' book Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life in just 2 days.

After being blown away by the contents of his book, he invited Garrain to talk with him at the first ever #CapitalistPigs mastermind meet up in Austin, TX.

This could be one of the most impactful podcasts you'll ever hear when it comes to changing your mindset.

Garrain shares his story of living out of his car with over $300k in debt and spending 2 1/2 years in a French prison for selling drugs... and how he bounced back from that rock bottom to become a millionaire entrepreneur.

Today he works with entrepreneurs on how to change their thinking so they can live abundant lives full of joy.

If you're ready to build a 7-figure business you can sell that doesn't eat up all of your time, watch Ryan's FREE 4-part video series - The Perfect Business