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Building your own ecommerce business in a way that makes sense long term is not an easy elephant to eat. There are so many variables and pitfalls - you’ve got to be clear on your business/market identity and exactly who it is you’re trying to serve with your products. And you’ve got to know where to find those people and the influencers who have a high profile in their eyes. Today’s episode is with two guys who have been members in the Freedom Fast Lane community for some time and are building a business just like that. Kevin and Jeremy’s supplement business is a great example of how you can build a great business on Amazon and then branch out to build your own independent ecommerce platforms for greater profitability and customer loyalty, so be sure to hear their story on this episode.

Amazon sales has built a business that is very respectable. But these guys want more.

Amazon private label products have been revolutionary by enabling everyday people realize the dream of owning their own profitable business that reaches people all over the world. It’s an amazing development. But as big as Amazon is, it has its limitations: inability to directly communicate with customers, the limitations that 3rd party fees place on your ability to scale and branch out, and more. Jeremy and Kevin are actively building a business that goes beyond Amazon and are currently working to create their own ecommerce platforms that address the limitations Amazon has brought to their business thus far and expand even further. You can hear what they are doing at present and what their plans are for the future, so be sure to listen.

Capitalists like Jeremy and Ryan are building the economy and changing the world by doing so.

Many people look to the political or social sphere to find world changing leaders. But Ryan and the entire Freedom Fast Lane team believe that one of the most powerful forces for changing the world is the force of capitalism.  Entrepreneurs are the only real wealth creators in the world. Their efforts provide work, jobs, cash flow, and revenue that goes beyond their individual businesses to team members, clients, contractors, and others - all around the globe. On today’s episode you can hear the practical steps two guys from inside the Freedom Fast Lane mastermind group are taking to build a business that matters beyond their own gain. It’s a refreshing perspective you won’t want to miss.

Adding new team members to fuel a new return on investment.

One of the bold steps that Kevin and Jeremy have taken to grow their business to the next level is this: they’re pivoting from an entirely digital business into a physical location. They believe it’s time to build a community and culture in a central location that can create the type of corporate brand presence that they believe will fuel their long term appeal to customers. A significant part of that is hiring the team members to inhabit and work from that space. They’ve already added many to their team and are still looking for additional members of their team. It’s a bold move because they’re doing so much at once and because they’re working out the details of each of the positions as they go along - but they are convinced the ROI is going to be tremendous. Listen in to this episode to hear the details of what they’re doing and how they are doing it.

The Freedom Fast Lane mastermind community has fueled their massive success.

When Ryan asks his guest on this episode - Kevin and Jeremy - how their involvement in the Freedom Fast Lane mastermind community has influenced their success, both of the guys quickly say that without it they wouldn’t be anywhere near where they are at in their business without it. The input, ideas, synergy, and encouragement they receive in the community have enabled them to believe in themselves and make the bold decisions that have made their business so successful ($300K per month at this point) and that move them forward each day as they strive to make the business its own major brand in a very crowded marketplace. If that kind of mastermind is appealing to you - you’ve got to listen to this success story and find out how you can get involved.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:04] Ryan’s introduction to two members of the FFL community and have ROCKED it!
  • [2:22] A quick summary of how Jeremy and Kevin grew their business.
  • [6:37] The first product was a total, major dud - how it happened.
  • [9:20] An entire market change and new products that built their business.
  • [12:34] How Jeremy & Kevin decided who they were going to be: the branding process.
  • [16:05] Communicating brand messaging to customers and building customer loyalty.
  • [20:25] The transition from virtual company to having a “real” office together.
  • [22:31] The plan to get an exceptional ROI from their new team members.
  • [26:52] How the guys are building the structure to grow independent of Amazon.
  • [29:00] The fear involved in making the jump to adding multiple team members.
  • [31:08] The things that keep the guys up at night.
  • [33:01] Current steps toward independent platforms for ecommerce.
  • [40:09] Steps toward building a more reputable brand name in a crowded space.
  • [42:00] How the guys’ experience in the Freedom Fast Lane mastermind community has influenced their success and direction.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Decide on who you’re going to be before you get rolling. Clear and decisive branding will help you make better decisions and position your company to secure greater customer loyalty in the long run.

FOR GETTING STARTED: Think bigger than a product that can make you money. Think about a market you can serve. Broader thinking enables you to build a product line that serves clients in multiple ways. You’ll be able to sell more to each customer and build a brand presence that fosters customer loyalty.

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