with Ryan Daniel Moran

A few years ago Joshua was making just about minimum wage. Fast forward a few years later and he is making a few million dollars per year.


So what happened in those years? He learned to sell stuff online.


In this episode we break down his strategies for selling over 8-figures in products and where the best opportunities are right now for building a brand.


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(0:00) - Episode Teaser

(1:05) - Ryan Episode Introduction 

(3:20) - Josh Crisp Interview Begins

(3:40) - From Working Minimum Wage To Building A Business

(6:30) - Researching Opportunities In Amazon 

(9:55) - Ryan's Thoughts On Branding 

(11:55) - Starting Multiple Brands After Initial Success 

(16:50) - PPC Ads, Shopify & Influencer Marketing 

(21:00) - What Josh Is Doing Differently Building Audiences 

(25:30) - Understanding Customer Retention And Churn 

(30:20) - Using Lead Magnets Off Amazon

(37:50) - How Josh Built His Personal Brand 

(43:00) - TikTok, Community Building & SEO

(49:12) - Ryan Conclusions And Outro