with Ryan Daniel Moran

Annie Vonheim is the founder of Smart Pressed Juice, which she started by selling at farmers markets in 2018.


Annie's passion for nutrition and helping people become healthier has led to massive success selling her juices. In this episode, we go through how Annie thinks about building her company, what she wishes she would've done differently, and how you can use purpose in your business to create the outcomes you want.


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(0:00) - How Annie Got Started


(10:30) - Shopify vs Amazon


(14:00) - Having A Successful Launch


(18:30) - Navigating Hard Times


(22:00) - Figuring Out Your Real Ratios


(24:30) - Loving The Mission


(27:00) - Starting With Your Purpose, Not Money


(33:00) - The Capitalist Pigs Experience