with Ryan Daniel Moran

JP Newman completely started over at 35 and moved into a shabby rent-controlled apartment in Santa Monica at $400/month.


Today he has done over $1.5 billion in commercial real estate deals and runs Thrive FP, a real estate agency based in Austin, TX.


So what happened? In this podcast Ryan interviews JP around how finding his purpose, his big "Why" has been a guiding star in all of his success.


No matter where you are at in your own entrepreneurial journey, you will get there faster if you have a bigger purpose beyond the goals than just making money.


Beyond the tactics and formulas for business building, this episode will help you define what you want on the other side of achieving your goals so you can find clarity and dream bigger.


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(0:00) - Episode Teaser

(0:50) - Ryan Episode Introduction

(3:00) - Interview With JP Newman Begins

(5:00) - How Entrepreneurs Can Discover Their "Why"

(9:30) - An Exercise For Visualizing Success

(15:15) - Rewriting Negative Money Beliefs

(20:45) - How Your Energy Creates Your Life

(26:30) - Setting Bigger Goals And Creating A Vivid Vision

(37:00) - What JP Would Tell His Younger 35 Year Old Self

(42:00) - Results & Status Vs. True Desire Goals

(46:30) - The New Goals Of Thrive FP

(51:20) - Freedom To Vs. Freedom From

(54:20) - Ryan Outro & Takeaways

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