with Ryan Daniel Moran

You can go from 0 to $10 million and have an 8-figure exit in a period of 5 years IF you know the timeline and if you follow the plan.


Ryan has helped countless entrepreneurs go from 0 to $1M in 12 months, but after having had his own 8-figure exit he is now sharing the $10M playbook which has it's own set of rules and challenges.


With this podcast you will know exactly what you need to think about and focus on in every year and stage of your business to create your own 8-figure exit that will give you financial freedom for life.


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(0:30) - The Timeline To An 8-Figure Exit


(1:30) - Year 1 - Focusing On 1 Person And 1 Sales Channel


(3:00) - Launching 4 Products On Amazon To Build A Brand


(4:00) - Year 2 - Creating A Moat Around Your Business


(7:40) - Year 3 - How To Scale Beyond $2M


(10:20) - Financing And Inventory Strategies


(13:20) - Year 4 - Solidifying Operations To Prepare For An Exit


(15:20) - Hiring, Partnership Strategies, And The Owner Mentality


(17:00) - Year 5 - Delegating Decisions To The Team And Preparing To Sell


(20:00) - Closing Thoughts & Takeaways

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