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When it comes to generating audiences and building product brands around them, the window has closed on the traditional way of doing things and a new strategy is needed. New opportunities are opening up to provide more sales, repeat customers, and higher priced products. This conversation between Ryan and fellow entrepreneur Ezra Firestone highlights the changes that are in play and how you can leverage them to accomplish record growth in your business for 2017!

Moving Past Amazon

Physical product owners dependent on Amazon will likely be acquired, have to operate like a big brand, or get swallowed up. Ezra Firestone is one of the few who has been able to build an audience outside of Amazon and produce millions in income. In this conversation, Ezra talks about how to make the shift to leverage the Amazon cash flow to fund building an actual business. People are often discouraged by the technology hurdles associated with moving away from Amazon to other platforms. Ezra offers hope for getting past those hurdles to a much bigger market by going after more than just query-based traffic.

What is the one skill set you need to achieve success in marketing your business?

One skill set is more important than the others. Find out what it is in this fast-paced, highly-motivating conversation with Ezra Firestone. The content and the platforms that really work to get potential buyers to engage with you may not be what you think. Find out what platforms can bring you the people who will love your product! If you move outside the box and stick with it, the potential for business growth is huge!

Driving Sales with Touch-Based Content

Reach your potential market by creating videos, targeted to specific geographic audiences and device types. The way people consume the digital medium has fundamentally changed. Ezra Firestone talks about how to develop a strategy for re-targeting people based on their responses to an initial video. Meeting them where they are, touching on collective experiences, and amplifying content on multiple platforms, results in better cost-per-acquisition, even though the sales cycle is longer.

Ezra Firestone’s Three Pillars for Advertising and Business

The three pillars are Ezra’s way of defining his process of moving people from not knowing about him to being a fully engaged and loyal customer. He never stops the process of communicating with people based on how they engage with him. His business has skyrocketed through focusing on the three pillars and building an effective team around them.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [00:01] Ryan Daniel Moran introduces this episode and guest Ezra Firestone
  • [04:48] How to make the shift to building an audience outside of Amazon
  • [08:57] Overcoming the technology hurdles in moving away from Amazon
  • [13:30] The one skill set you need
  • [14:00] Driving sales by creating and targeting videos
  • [16:39] Where to send potential buyers, based on consumer need
  • [20:56] Traffic Driving on Facebook, Messenger, and other platforms
  • [29:36] How the launch process has changed; releasing new products without query searches
  • [34:04] Three pillars of advertising
  • [36:19] Putting together your team and facilitating growth
  • [47:00] Determining what sticks
  • [56:30] Who will succeed in 2017?

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GETTING STARTED: Be willing to commit your attention to advertising over time. Invest the time and money that is needed and don’t quit too soon.

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Spend a few hours each week consuming content for further education.

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