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When Ryan first met Mauricio Rauld it was in the context of purchasing an ownership interest in his favorite baseball team, the Cleveland Indians. In the end, the Indians did not get purchased by a syndicate like Ryan was hoping, but Ryan made the connection with Mauricio as a result and his learning curve about alternative assets took off. Mauricio is an amazing individual who is part of a team that helps people raise money to build investments in real estate and other alternative assets. You’ll be amazed at some of the returns his clients are seeing and how they are achieving those returns. You can hear it all on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

What are alternative assets and why are they so attractive these days?

Alternative assets are any kind of investment you can purchase that is not a stock - not related in any way to Wall Street. So buying gold is considered an alternative asset, as is the purchase of real estate. Mauricio Rauld believes that alternative assets are the way to go because they are less likely to be impacted by market downturns and provide a tangible asset that can be used even should a downturn be experienced. On this episode, Mauricio shares how his company is actively investing in mobile home parks and other real estate ventures to provide a great return for their investors. It’s a model more and more people are pursuing, so find out how you can as well by listening.

Why Mauricio Rauld stays as far from Wall Street as possible.

Wall Street, by the very nature of what it is, is tied directly to the ebbs and flows of the economic state of the country. Investing in Wall Street can be very lucrative but can also be very dangerous, especially at a time like we are currently experiencing where a downturn is likely to be on the near horizon. Mauricio Rauld says that he stays as far away from Wall Street as possible simply because he wants to have his money invested in things that won’t be impacted as dramatically by market changes. You can find out how he does that why he thinks it’s the best way to go for the foreseeable future, on this episode.

The REAL story behind passive income.

It’s a very attractive thought to imagine that you can have some kind of “passive” income to fuel your lifestyle. But you need to understand something: that kind of passive income is not a reality. There is always a successful business behind any income that seems to be passive. Think of it as an investment that is funded by the business. The business generates the cash to be invested and the investment does what it is meant to do - generate more cash. Mauricio Rauld explains how investing in alternative assets is one way to realize a source of cash flow that many would consider “passive,” on this episode.

What ahead for this economy (2017)?

As of the middle of the year, 2017 - the United States economy has been on a very long and protracted uphill climb. Statistically, it’s a longer time of growth than we’ve ever seen before. That fact alone leads many to believe that a downturn is coming sooner rather than later. That’s one of the reasons that Mauricio Rauld and his company are investing heavily in mobile home parks. Their belief is that every person, no matter the state of the economy, will need a place to live - and mobile home parks are among the most affordable sources of housing. That makes wise investments in mobile home parks almost recession proof. Find out more about how this kind of investment makes sense in light of a possible downturn, on this episode of Freedom Fast Lane.

Outline Of This Great Episode

  • [0:24] Ryan’s introduction of his guest, Mauricio Rauld.
  • [6:02] Mauricio’s superpower and why he’s on the show for this episode.
  • [7:55] How Mauricio shined a light on Ryan’s way of thinking and approach to investing.
  • [13:55] What was it that prompted Mauricio to leave his law practice?
  • [15:14] What are “alternative assets?”
  • [16:45] Why mobile home parks are one of the more attractive alternative assets at the moment.
  • [19:43] Why Mauricio is raising money for investors rather than using lenders.
  • [24:00] Mauricio’s take on the current economic outlook (July 2017).
  • [26:41] How Mauricio’s team enables his business to work.
  • [28:34] How the team acquires its properties so effectively.
  • [32:02] How investor agreements are structured in a typical situation.
  • [37:13] How depreciation offsets income for real estate investors.

Action Steps From This Episode

FOR GETTING STARTED: Adjust your thinking about how “passive income” really happens. There is always some kind of successful business behind what seems to be passive. Think of it like an investment that is funded by the business. When you get that concept you’ll understand why every passive income opportunity requires a lot of work (by someone) on the front end.

FOR GREATER SUCCESS: Consider adopting Mike Dillard’s philosophy. You don’t need to become an expert in the fields you want to make money from. You just need to find the people who are trustworthy experts in that area and invest in them. You’ll find your returns come more quickly and at a greater rate of return simply because your own learning curve is not the bottleneck to your wealth-building process.

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