with Ryan Daniel Moran

This episode is a full masterclass in making $1 million in 12 months or less.
Ryan is chatting with an influencer you may know by the name of Captain Sinbad, who makes popular personal development and comedy videos.

He recently set out on a journey to make a million in a year or less, and since Ryan's whole book and brand is centered around "12 Months To $1 Million" he reached out to see if he could consult on how one might take a following like this and actually monetize it.

In this podcast they break down how to build and audience and sell things to them in a way that doesn't feel unethical or icky. By the end of this consultation they outline the entire process to launch a whole new business and make a million dollars in twelve months.

If you're ready to build a 7-figure business you can sell that doesn't eat up all of your time, watch Ryan's FREE 4-part video series - The Perfect Business

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