with Ryan Daniel Moran

Today’s episode features a behind the scenes segment from a recent 8-figures workshop held at Ryan Daniel Moran’s lakehouse.


Ryan explains the 3 types of managers you business needs and the formula to go from 100k a month to a million. Are you looking for your 8-figure exit? It will require you to make the transition from hustler to entrepreneur.


Key Takeaways

[2:40] Your audience is already generating content for you.


[5:02] Making a business requires a product that you can convince people is better than the alternatives

1. Have your product down

2. Get your sales optimized and get reviews

3. Put your reviews up as content

[7:36] So you have the business 1-2-3 and you want to push further, go from 100k a month to a million…

How do you do that?

You deepen the product line...

How do you do that?

Figure out what your customers buy after your product...

How do you do that?


[10:44] The million $ formula is 3-5 products at 25 sales a day and there is a reason behind this: in order to sell 3 products, you have to know who the buyer is. Really well.

[11:33] Audience building and an ideal customer avatar is about helping you make decisions, and decision drive progress.

[11:56] Focusing on Shopify is great as a way to optimize your sales channel, but it won’t be a multiplier. Your focus as an entrepreneur should be in building your business, your product line.

Or else you’re just a sales channel manager.

[14:03] Building a good business requires 3 types of managers:

1. Ideas manager — inventor

2. Distribution manager — influencer

3. Sales manager — channel manager

Being a business owner means you have all three, you don’t have to be good at all three but your business does.

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