with Ryan Daniel Moran

Some people take ice cold showers. On purpose. Why? Because among other health benefits, it’s an easy way to modify and optimize the way your body responds to stress.


But as an entrepreneur, what do you do to shock yourself out of being stuck? How do you level up and get to the next level in your journey?


As you’ll hear in this episode, one way is to purposefully put yourself in a room with entrepreneurs who are way ahead of you. They’ve accomplished what you’re after - and are now scaling heights you may never have imagined possible.


This is how we grow, how we gain insight, motivation, and proof that “yes, this is possible.” When we immerse ourselves for a few days in a network of extraordinary entrepreneurs, we are transformed. Plus, you never know who you’ll meet who will go on to play a key role in your journey.


In this episode, you’ll get a little advanced intel about the people you’ll meet when you attend this year's Capitalism Conference. Which one will you be especially glad you connected to, when you look back on this event as the pivotal moment in your journey?