with Ryan Daniel Moran

You want to start on Amazon, but you don’t know where? Or how? Or with what? Ryan helps you find the sweet spot and one sweet offer.


Key Takeaways


So, what are you selling? [:38] Ryan breaks down 3 criteria for choosing your first product — he advises you do them all together.


Criteria 1 [1:34] Focus on really big markets. Niche products and smaller markets will only ever provide small profits.


Secret [2:58] Big brands are crumbling… They can’t release products fast enough.


Criteria 2 [4:00] Choose products that you can differentiate.


Criteria 3 [7:39] Before you choose your first product, choose your second and third products because:


3 to 5 products x 25 sales a day x 30 dollar price point = Million dollar business


It’s an insurance for the medium term and a faster route to profitability.


Now I have to pick 3? [9:37] Pick a person, someone you are targeting or marketing to: do they have 3 to 5 things that they buy on a regular basis?


Make a decision [10:21] You can let the Million Dollar Brands training break this down step by step for you for free.


Thanks for listening and get in touch with Ryan on Instagram @ryandanielmoran

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